Design+Engineering, Creativity+Logic

Great software is made using both hemispheres of the brain

I create apps that that have both solid engineering and polished design. I have a passion for creating intuitive user interfaces and effortless user experiences. I can take a project from requirements through design to finished product.

With 23 years of experience in software development and six years of iOS experience, I have the skills and experience needed to create the polished, reliable apps you need.



Published Apps

I have worked on four apps that have been published in the iOS App Store, including one that I designed and developed entirely on my own, Foresight, a sophisticated but straightforward task-management app.

Enterprise Experience

I’ve written custom software for a variety of companies, from small startups to the Fortune 500, including Accenture, Arris, and Verance Corporation. I’ve developed products for large and small clients, including Intel, Verizon, Southwest Airlines, EMI Music Publishing, and major Hollywood movie studios.

Game Development

I have had a lifelong interest in game development. I’ve worked on side projects using Unity, including a reboot of the classic 80’s RPG Sundog.