Foresight: Personal Project Management

A sophisticated to-do app for organizing your whole life

Foresight gives you the tools you need to keep track of all your responsibilities and to plan for the future and reach your goals. Tasks can be assigned to one or more categories and locations, and the task list can be filtered by category and by location. Tasks can be given start dates, and tasks that have not yet begun will not appear in the task list, reducing clutter. The task list can be viewed by due date or by priority, and priorities can be easily changed by dragging tasks above or below other tasks.

You won’t forget any tasks, because Foresight will remind you, as often as you like and as far in advance of the due date as you wish. Foresight can also remind you when a task is starting. Location reminders are fully supported. Foresight can remind you when you arrive at or depart from a location associated with a task, but only when the task has started, reducing notification clutter.

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Foresight is easy to use, yet it has powerful features that help you stay organized and focused.

  • List tasks by due date or by priority.
  • Display only tasks belonging to one or more categories or locations.
  • Create many alerts per task, including start-time alerts.
  • Establish location alerts that are only issued when a task is available.
  • Set tasks to repeat automatically when they are completed.
  • Attach notes to tasks.